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Unveiling The Future: What Can We Expect for the Upcoming Progression?

Hey Everyone!

It’s time to take the barbell for a ride as we dive into a six-week Olympic Lifting cycle starting 4/22/24! Our focus will be building volume in the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk. This strength cycle is designed to improve your technique with challenging complexes and positional training while staying under 75%. During these next few weeks, you will be tested through time under tension and dialing in on footwork and speed. By incorporating some of the lifting days into our workouts, we will add a fun and exciting element to our routine. Not only will this make the lifting more enjoyable, but it can also help you all stay motivated and committed. 

We are doing these Olympic lifts twice a week, while on the 3rd day, our attention will be focused on a solid Functional Pump. These days, it will be great for you all to improve your bodybuilding and gain some muscle while improving stability and control through various dumbbell and barbell exercises. Each week, we will alternate between lower body, upper body, and core exercises that will have a variety of themes. 

Also, it’s that time of the year again!! As we get into May, we will focus one day on “Murph Prep”! Murph will be on Monday, May 27, so let’s get ready, work hard, and have some fun!!!

Stay tuned to our Weekly Update video every Sunday for a preview of the upcoming programming and any changes to our progression!

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