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CrossFit Classes

CrossFit Classes

Our training methods produce undisputed, tangible results for all levels of fitness; from children to elite athletes, and everything in between. We can produce tangible results because our program efficiently combines the most effective training methods of Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and High Intensity Cardio.

Personal Training

Personal Training

Take your training to the next level. At Triangle CrossFit, we offer several different paths to help you reach your goals. A great way to access even more of this support and reach your goals faster than you imagined is through personal training. One-on-one training can provide many different benefits.



Lifestyle is important, nutrient dense foods, and being consistent are the biggest benefactors with how to improve health. Creating the lifestyle you want Rome was not built in a day. Your habits will take time, improving your health, happiness and fitness will take time, being patient is important.

Varsity (Teens Classes)

Varsity (Teens Classes)

Our Varsity program is for ages 13-18 and has one major goal in mind- Performance. We work to improve your teen's confidence and performance in any sport. Our program will teach them how to be explosive and powerful in whatever athletic endeavor they choose to participate in.



Transform your body and mind with the power of yoga! Through a blend of traditional poses, mindful breathing, and meditation, we aim to help you achieve balance, flexibility, and inner peace.

Our clients see incredible results

Achieve your goals at Triangle CrossFit.

Day One

Increased brain functions and boosted mood.


Week One

Improved energy and better health.

Month One

Increased metabolism, changes in muscle mass & overall fitness.

Month Three

See-it-in-the-mirror results.

Month Six

Compliments from friends/family & a healthier, more efficient heart.

One Year

Increased life expectancy, better bone density and mental health.


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