Transform your body and mind with the power of yoga! Through a blend of traditional poses, mindful breathing, and meditation, we aim to help you achieve balance, flexibility, and inner peace.
triangle crossfit yoga

Why should you do yoga?

There are many benefits to yoga that can help enhance your fitness journey. With yoga you can improve flexibility, increase strength, promote better sleep, increase energy levels, and so much more!
Triangle CrossFit Instructor in front of class

Amazing instructor

Our instructor keeps you safe, engaged and challenged through every session.

Triangle CrossFit Everyone showing their flexibility

Improves flexibility

A series of poses are strategically chosen to gradually lengthen and loosen your muscles.

Triangle CrossFit Everyone with raised arms

Mind-Body connection

Making yourself more aware of your body's limitations and progress while safely pushing your flexibility boundaries over time.

Triangle CrossFit Releasing Tension with Yoga Stretching

Releasing tension

Release the tension built up in your muscles and reduce your stress.

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