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TCF Programming Tracks

Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, said “Our understanding is that the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind.” There are some movements that are better suited for those looking to compete in a sport than for those whose main goals are to improve their health and fitness. The programming tracks are based on your goals rather than abilities. Some days you will want to challenge yourself and try new things, which are the PX and FX options and other days you will want to just sweat and move, which is our new option, LX. You can always scale from what is recommended to meet your current fitness level. We are providing these options to you so that you can come in and be as consistent as possible even if it has been challenging day for you at work or if you feel like you’re ready to get after it!

PERFORMANCE (Px)- This is a great goal based option for members who want to train for the competitive edge in CrossFit or outside of the CrossFit world. This is the more challenging tier of CrossFit to really test your fitness.

FITNESS (Fx) – This option is still goal based but it is more for members looking for a balance between health and fitness. This option is for members who want to compete in life and kick butt into their early 90’s. This allows you to get the best workout possible and to enjoy your fitness.

LIFE (Lx) – This option is great for members just starting or jumping back into CrossFit after being out for a while or simply those that want to come in and just move. This option will allow you to move through the workouts while getting a hang of the movements or allow you to move with whatever you are comfortable doing for that day.

Deciding which programming track best suits your goals is important because that is the one you want to stick with. Everything is scalable to your current skill level, so don’t be discouraged if you can not perform all the prescribed movements yet. The tracks are designed to challenge you and push you to your goals. You are not bound to one certain track and can bounce between them all, they are simply recommendations to help you reach your goals along your personal fitness journey and the intended stimulus of the workout for that day.

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