Muscle Up Progression Starting 3/27/23

!Next progression starting!

  • This one will be 6 weeks long. This one will focus on Ring Muscle Ups and other fun ring movements
  • We want to develop our gymnastic strength and body awareness. This will help us not only with muscle ups, but with all of our other fun gymnastics!
  • We will be doing some fun gymnastic skills we don’t usually get to do, station work, and gymnastic workouts!
  • Remember just like a lifting progression we want to increase difficulty across the entire 6 weeks so start off with a scale that you can progress up from!
  • Stay tuned to our weekly update every Sunday for any changes and a closer look on the programming each week!

Dates to remember

  • Make sure to attend the week of 4/17/23 because we will be testing for our next progression! Stay tuned to our social media for more info regarding it!
  • 4/8/23 Sign up for Kickball HERE!

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