Mobility in your Schedule

Mobility in your Schedule

How to incorporate mobility into your daily schedule.

Mobility is important, everyone knows that. Having mobility in your fitness routine allows you to move better, feel better, recover faster, and lessens your risk of injury.

Mobility can help you move better by allowing you to get into a deeper and better range of motion on each exercise and help you better perform movements. So you may ask yourself well how do I incorporate mobility in my life everyday with my crazy schedule? We will help you figure that out.

Mobility should be done throughout the day and not in big chunks of time only once in a day. Whenever you perform mobilizing movements or stretches you are increasing the blood flow to the muscles in your body which can then increase your alertness and energy.

Repetition is the key to have mobility in your daily routine. The life a lot of us know is now sitting at a desk in front of a computer or going home to sit on the couch and watch tv. This can cause the muscles to slip into their old patterns and can cause our bodies to get tight or stiff.

Here are some easy ways to incorporate mobility into your daily routine:

  • Every hour that you sit take a minute from that hour to get up and walk around
  • Stretch one body part for a minute for every hour that you sit
  • Do some mobility right when you wake up or right before you go to bed
  • Focus on areas that are problems for you/ tight for you. Don’t focus on every single body part in one day .

Mobility does not take a lot of your time if you plan it accordingly. It is easy to incorporate small amounts of mobility into your day everyday.

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