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Stretching your Lower Back

Stretching the lower back is important for several reasons like improving flexibility and maintaining a healthy range of motion in the spine. When the muscles in the lower back are tight and inflexible, it can lead to stiffness and restricted movement, making everyday activities more difficult. Regular stretching of the lower back can also improve posture by strengthening the muscles that support the spine. Poor posture, such as slouching or hunching forward, can contribute to lower back pain and other musculoskeletal issues. For athletes or individuals involved in physical activities like CrossFit, maintaining a flexible and healthy lower back is essential for optimal performance and function. Stretching helps to improve overall mobility and reduces the risk of strain or injury during movement or exercise.

Below are a few stretches I like to do to ease tension in my lower back.

Knee-to-Chest Stretch:

Child’s Pose:

Cat Cow Pose:

Standing Forward Bend:

Remember to listen to your body and never force a stretch. It’s also a good idea to warm up your body before stretching by engaging in light aerobic activity, such as walking, for a few minutes.

It’s important to note that when stretching the lower back, it should be done gently and within a comfortable range of motion. Avoid bouncing or jerking movements, as this can strain the muscles and potentially lead to injury.

If you have any existing medical conditions or chronic lower back pain, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or a physical therapist before starting a stretching routine.

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