Rest days are just as important as exercise. The successful fitness regiment is not complete without rest days. Taking regular breaks allows your body to rest and recover. Skipping rest days can lead to overtraining or burnout.

Rest is essential for muscle growth and during rest days is when the beneficial effects of exercise takes place. When you exercise you are creating microtears in your muscles and rest days allow for them to be repaired by cells called fibroblasts. This helps tissue heal and grow which leads to stronger muscles.

Rest days help prevent muscle fatigue. Exercise depletes your muscles glycogen levels so they need time to be able to restore them. If these stores aren’t replaced you will experience muscle fatigue and soreness.

It also helps reduce risk or injury. Overtraining exposes your muscles to repetitive stress and strain. This can increase the chances of getting an overuse injury.

Rest days can also help improve our performance. If you don’t get enough rest you may notice reduced endurance, slow reaction times, and poor agility. Rest increases energy and prevents fatigue, which helps prepare your body for successful workouts.

Rest days are very important because they help your body recover to be able to work at full power the next time you workout. No one wants to get an injury, take a rest day.

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