Free Class Friday

Free Class Friday

Free Class Friday is a great opportunity to come in and try out the best gym in the Triangle or bring in a friend to try out your usual CrossFit class time and have some fun with the TCF Family!

What is Free Class Friday?

  • If you are new to Triangle CrossFit, all adult CrossFit classes are completely free!
  • The classes scheduled for the day are hour long sessions designed to be a fun and engaging for any and all skill levels.

Who is Free Class Friday for?

  • Any and all skill levels!
  • The great thing about CrossFit is that the basic movements are the most potent. Also, everything is adjustable to your skill level and your goals!

When is the next Free Class Friday?

  • The first Friday of every month!

How do I sign-up for the next Free Class Friday?

How do I get my friend to sign up and join me for the next Free Class Friday?

Are you a current TCF member bringing in a friend? Click Here to check out our member referral program!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in the gym on Friday with their friends!

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